Classic Pillow Collection

Classic Pillow Collection

Designed for use on all types of outdoor furniture. Cords and fringes are 100% acrylic. Please specify cord or fringe number when ordering, otherwise best match will be shipped. Fringe and cord selections on appropriate pages.

Style Item No. Description Size Fill
P1 Pillow w/zipper 14"x14" Poly
P2 Pillow w/ruffle 14"x14" Poly
P3 Pillow w/zipper 16"x16" Poly
P4 Pillow w/acrylic fringe 16"x16" Poly
P5 Pillow w/acrylic cord 16"x16" Poly
P6 Pillow w/zipper 18"x18" Poly
P7 Pillow w/acrylic fringe 18"x18" Poly
P8 Pillow w/acrylic cord 18"x18" Poly
P9 Pillow w/zipper 20"x20" Poly
P10 Pillow w/acrylic fringe 20"x20" Poly
P11 Pillow w/acrylic cord 20"x20" Poly
P12 Round pillow boxed w/welt-one self button 16" Poly
P13 Bolster 20"x7" 7" thick Poly
P14 Neckroll 15"x6" 6" thick Poly
P15 Boudoir Pillow w/zipper 16"x12" Poly
P16 Boudoir Pillow w/acrylic fringe 16"x12" Poly
P17 Boudoir Pillow w/acrylic cord 16"x12" Poly
P18 Pillow w/zipper 24"x24" Poly
P19 Pillow w/acrylic fringe 24"x24" Poly
P20 Pillow w/acrylic cord 24"x24" Poly
P21 Kidney w/zipper 22"x14" Poly
P22 Kidney w/acrylic fringe 22"x14" Poly
P23 Kidney w/acrylic cord 22"x14" Poly
P24 Flange Pillow 16"x16" Poly
P25 Flange Pillow 18"x18" Poly
P26 Lumbar w/velcro strap 20"x12" 2" thick Foam
P27 Accent pillow w/welt 13"x8" Poly

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